buckwheat crepes | london bakes

I think my favourite thing about pancake day, apart from the excuse to eat more pancakes, is that it means you are clearly out of that slightly bleak post-Christmas period and the countdown to Easter (and therefore Spring!) has started. So whilst I’m not generally one for scheduling posts around whatever holiday the food world has decided to co-opt, I had to make an exception for today.

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spiced vanilla madeleines

Before I left the office on Friday, I looked at the list I keep on my phone of my planned blog posts to work out what I was scheduled to make over the weekend and what I needed to buy from the supermarket on the way home from work.

It was a carefully curated list. It ticked the box of seasonality – as far as that’s possible in January/February – and had been planned so as to avoid repetition of ingredients and/or techniques as far as possible.  There was, I felt, a good balance of the indulgent and the slightly more nutritious (which is, I think, the most you can ever say for my recipes).

The problem was, I didn’t really want to make any of it.

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