I’ve been reading Michael Pollan’s Cooked recently. It’s a fascinating book not least because it allows you to drop sentences like ‘I was reading about some cheese-making nuns earlier’ into your conversation.

It’s part-history, part-scientific explanation of why we cook the way that we do. It’s loosely structured around the four elements – fire, water, air and earth – which are aligned with four different cooking techniques – barbecue, braising, bread-making and fermentation of various kinds (from pickles to beer).

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We were without a kitchen for a total of three weeks. Or, I should say, we were without cooking facilities for three weeks as we still don’t have what I would consider a kitchen.

Either way, it’s not really very long in the grand scheme of things. Everyone has their own kitchen renovation story and will tell you with some great pleasure about the weeks/months/years (in the case of one of my colleagues) that they spent eating takeaways and doing the washing up in the bath.

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To get to our new flat from our old flat, you go out the front door, turn left and then left again and walk for a little under two minutes (we timed it one day).

It was a little over three weeks ago that we did that walk for the last time. It was pouring with rain and we ran down the road, clutching bin bags filled with whatever of our possessions wouldn’t fit in the van.

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