Hi! I’m Kathryn and I write this blog, London Bakes. I describe London Bakes as a (mostly) gluten free baking blog. It didn’t start out this way (hence the ‘mostly’) but it’s ended up being what I like the most.

Gluten free baking tends to have a bad reputation. A lot of people assume that the results are going to be inherently inferior to baking with regular flour or require six different expensive and obscure ingredients to produce something edible. I don’t believe either of those things are true.

The vast majority of recipes here are sweet rather than savoury. To some extent, they’re driven by what is in season and/or what I particularly feel like eating in any given week (which is often the same). Whilst we tend to eat a relatively balanced and healthy diet (whatever that is these days), I try not to use any ingredients that you can’t find easily in your local supermarket or on the shelves of a standard health food shop. I’m not a big fan of artificial ingredients and strange gums which often act as a replacement for gluten. In fact, I don’t really like the idea of ‘replacing’ gluten at all. The more that I’ve got to know some of the ‘alternative’ flours that you can buy these days, the more that I’ve come to appreciate them as ingredients in their own right.

I don’t think gluten free food, and gluten free baking in particular, needs to be particularly complicated. I also don’t think that you need to have to eat a gluten free diet to enjoy baking (and eating!) gluten free. I have no need – medical or otherwise – to cut out gluten but these days, I prefer my waffles to be made with buckwheat flour (more sticking power + a better taste) and my brownies to be made with ground almonds (rich + fudgy + delicious).

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