So I like Twitter. I spend way too much time on facebook. My LiveJournal is an endless succession of half-completed to do lists. I couldn’t really get in to tumblr. Now for something new. This blog will attempt to document some of the more materialistic parts of my life. The food that I eat, the things that I read, the kitsch homewares that I try not to buy. I have a million and one ideas for posts that I mainly formulate on the tube to work in the morning so now I just have to find the impetus to actually sit down and commit the words to a page (or screen).

Here goes nothing…

2 Responses to "another girl’s paradise"
  1. Loz8188 says:

    Hey! I’ve just worked my back backwards through your whole blog and wanted to say how hungry you have made me! Can’t wait to get into the kitchen and start baking!



  2. london bakes says:

    Thanks so much Laura, I aim to please. And make people hungry ;)

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