apricot, almond and buckwheat cake {gluten free}

blueberry and ricotta muffins {gluten free}

brown butter apple cake {gluten free}

brown rice porridge with redcurrant chia jam {gluten free}

buckwheat chocolate chip cookies {gluten free}

buckwheat crêpes – two ways {gluten free}

buckwheat waffles with roasted rhubarb {gluten free}

burnt orange and cardamom shortbread {gluten free}

carrot and parsnip loaf {gluten free}

cashew butter cups

chocolate and coconut buckwheat waffles {gluten free}

chocolate and olive oil battenberg {gluten free}

chocolate and orange buckwheat doughnuts {gluten free}

chocolate and salted caramel bundt cake {gluten free}

chocolate and sour cream cake {gluten free}

chocolate ombre cake {gluten free}

chocolate, hazelnut and olive oil muffins {gluten free}

chocolate, rose + raspberry donuts {gluten free}

fig and almond torte from “yummy supper” {gluten free}

flourless carrot and pistachio cakes {gluten free}

flourless cherry and almond brownies {gluten free}

flourless chocolate cake {gluten free}

flourless chocolate cupcakes with whipped creme fraiche {gluten free}

flourless salted caramel brownies {gluten free}

flourless salted dark chocolate cookies {gluten free}

fluffy buckwheat pancakes with caramelised ginger peaches {gluten free}

gjelina’s butterscotch pot de creme {gluten free}

golden milk cupcakes with whipped mascarpone cream {gluten free}

hazelnut butter & buckwheat flour chocolate chip cookies {gluten free}

hazelnut butter rice crispy treats

homemade mascarpone

homemade ricotta

lemon and pistachio eclairs {gluten free}

lemon, almond and chia seed muffins {gluten free}

lemony yoghurt cake {gluten free}

little bakewell tarts {gluten free}

little chocolate cakes with salted chocolate ganache {gluten free}

mini chocolate and peanut butter fondant cakes {gluten free}

mixed stone fruit + almond tarts {gluten free}

nectarine + polenta upside-down cake from ‘homemade memories’

nectarine, blueberry and buckwheat cake {gluten free}

orange and almond brownies {gluten free}

plum, ginger and almond cake {gluten free}

raspberry and almond brownie tarts {gluten free}

raspberry and almond olive oil cake

red velvet beetroot cupcakes {gluten free}

rhubarb and polenta muffins {gluten free}

rhubarb, millet and almond crumble {gluten free}

ricotta gnocchi with wild garlic and pistachio pesto {gluten free}

roasted strawberry and dark chocolate semifreddo

salted pecan and bourbon brownies {gluten free}

spiced vanilla madeleines {gluten free}

strawberry and lemon polenta cake {gluten free}

strawberry and pistachio loaf {gluten free}

strawberry and rose cake {gluten free}

sweet potato and lentil gnocchi from the homemade flour cookbook {gluten free}

swirly blackberry meringues {gluten free}

toasted buckwheat and rum ice cream {gluten free}

toasted hazelnut flourless brownies

triple chocolate buckwheat cookies {gluten free}

vanilla chia pudding from ‘at home in the whole food kitchen’

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