Oh, summer. Having lamented only a few weeks ago that it seemed somewhat elusive this year, I feel like I finally have it in my grasp.

A bit of warm weather, some killer humidity and even a couple of hours of sunshine (mainly interspersed with massive thunderstorms but I take what I can get) seem to have done it. We’re at the stage of being able to count down the days (12!) to our annual trip to my parents’ house in France. Between now and then, I’m in New York again for work and plan to spend as much time as possible eating ice cream and wondering through Central Park, pretending to be a tourist (within the confines, obviously, of being stuck in an air conditioned office for 12 hours a day).


To say that I’ve fallen head over heels for strawberries this year sounds a bit ridiculous but it’s absolutely true.  Sure, I’ve always liked them but this year it feels like my kitchen is bereft if I don’t have a punnet or two in stock. I have them with pancakes, with ice cream (NB recipe for the brown sugar frozen yoghurt coming soon) or just with my morning yoghurt and granola. When they start to look past their best, I drizzle them with balsamic vinegar and roast them, eating the sweet and sticky strawberries like they are candy (or turning them into margaritas).

The combination of juicy strawberries and nutty pistachios works so well in this cake, adapted from a Saveur recipe that I stumbled across a while ago. The recipe calls itself a bread but it is, to my mind, much further towards a cake on the spectrum. It’s sweet and yielding with a buttery (although there is no butter in the recipe) green-tinged sponge and rivers of fresh fruit running through it. A few extra strawberries and pistachios on top before baking give a little texture and crunch with more to serve alongside it. It’s good summer eating.



strawberry and pistachio loaf {gluten free}

Yield: 1 loaf cake

Although this recipe calls itself a bread, I think it's way more on the cake spectrum. It's definitely sweet enough to enjoy as is or with a splash of cream/ice cream. Because of the ground pistachios and fresh strawberries, it stays fairly squidgy in the middle; you can add a touch more flour if you think that will be an issue for you.


  • 1 cup (125g) rice flour
  • 50g (1/2 cup) ground pistachios
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup (180g) soft brown sugar
  • 150ml (1/2 cup + 2 tablespoons) extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste
  • 200g (2 cups) chopped strawberries
  • A handful of roughly chopped pistachios, for scattering on top


  1. Heat the oven to 350F/180C and line a loaf tine with greaseproof paper.
  2. In a large bowl, lightly whisk together the flour, ground pistachios, baking powder and salt. In a separate bowl, beat together the sugar, olive oil, eggs and vanilla. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry and gently stir together until just combined. Finally, fold in most of the strawberries, reserving a few to scatter on top.
  3. Pour the batter into the loaf tin and top with the remaining strawberries and some chopped pistachios. Bake for about an hour or so until firm, risen and golden brown. Leave to cool for a while in the tin before serving.


Adapted from Saveur's Strawberry Loaf Bread

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35 Responses to "strawberry and pistachio loaf {gluten free}"
  1. Oh mann, this loaf/cake looks like summer personified! So pretty :)

  2. Brown sugar frozen yogurt sounds utterly epic. I am excited.

    I wonder if it’s been a particularly good season for strawberries because I’ve been loving them even more than usual too.

  3. cynthia says:

    Oh my goodness, this loaf looks amazing! So moist, and I love the idea of combining strawberries and pistachios. Yum. (And ditto — I can’t wait for that brown sugar froyo!!!)

  4. I literally want to make everything you post.

  5. molly yeh says:

    ooh this looks delicious and i happen to have all of these ingredients on hand! there is a gf pistachio loaf cake at my favorite little place in brooklyn, bklyn larder, and i’ve been wanting to recreate it!! i think this is a good place to start :)

  6. Erika says:

    I love this! The use of rice flour is something I’ve been intrigued by lately. This is loaf is so lovely and certainly something I must try. :)

  7. amber says:

    To be honest, I can’t believe that anyone WOULDN’T be falling head over heels for strawberries! Strawberry season is one of my favorite seasons of the year! I love it. So many possibilities. I’m sad to see the season go!

    I love the look of this recipe because I’ve been looking for an excuse to put more pistachios in my recipes! Additionally, I have to admit, I’ve never made anything gluten free in my life (well, any kind of baked good, that is!) This sounds so delicious though: olive oil, strawberries, brown sugar and pistachios? What a nice combination. My kids (ages 2 and 4) are sometimes weirded out about “nuts on top of their food” and won’t eat, but if I only put it in the loaf and not on top, I think they’d love it!

    Lovely blog, and thank you for sharing this recipe!

  8. This is SO important.

    Strawberry and pistachio anything is just so :) to me. Pinning this immediately!

  9. This looks like heaven in a loaf. Like Emma, I adore the sound of your brown sugar frozen yoghurt too :-)

  10. Amanda Paa says:

    You did it again! I need this loaf in my life. Pistachios are totally the new almond :) Have fun in New York! xo

  11. Dom says:

    That loaf just looks so delightful and light and I completely agree about strawberries this year. I love them. Nice combo of the pistachios too.

  12. Oh how I wish I had a loaf of this delectable-looking bread in front of me right now. Strawberries + pistachios = heaven!

  13. Tieghan says:

    Oh my gosh, this loaf looks and sounds delicious. Loving the combo of strawberries and pistachios in this moist loaf!

  14. Eileen says:

    This looks like a cake that’s just up my alley! Strawberries and pistachios sound like the best possible combination. :)

  15. This is such a neat combination of flavours for a loaf!! I love this idea!

  16. Alanna says:

    Oh my, this cake looks incredible. The olive oil and vanilla must give it amazing depth and moisture. Brown sugar frozen yoghurt? Yes please!

  17. Strawberries and pistachios sounds like a heavenly combination both to look at and in a cake. Glad the UK is getting a bit of summer although what a surprise that it’s with thunderstorms too! Have fun in the USA!

  18. Oh this looks absolutely divine! I love strawberries too, and thankfully we get them in winter here too, so I’m making the most of them at the moment as well.

  19. Skye says:

    Heavnely, heavenly strawberries! Kathryn, this looks wonderful – love how you’ve paired berries with pistachios! But I’m really hankering after the brown sugar frozen yogurt now…
    Have a wonderful time in France, lovely! Xx

  20. Erin says:

    This is beautiful!

  21. Stephanie says:

    Strawberries, humidity, thunderstorms.. so much summer in this post! The loaf looks lovely

  22. Valeria says:

    I thought English strawberries were amazing this year! I couldn’t get enough of them – and same for this lovely lovely summer weather that has finally arrived. Love it. Sure enouhg, it makes it harder to turn on the oven but hey, this cake is totally worth it. Enjoy NYC! x

  23. What a beautiful looking loaf. You can’t go wrong with strawberry and pistachio. Love your gorgeous photography too.

  24. This loaf aka cake…whoa! I love it. Pistachios are one of my most favorite nuts (although, ridiculously expensive) and they pair so wonderfully with strawberries.

    Wishing you a great stay in NY (I bet Sarah McLachlan was phenomenal), and I’m excited to see some recipes inspired by your trip to France. xoxo

  25. Ahhh, Kathryn! This loaf cake looks soooo (!!!) good! Now I’m a little saddened that the strawberry season is almost over and they’re hard to get ’round here :-( I’ve had them with everything (almost at least) in the past weeks and our fridge seemed more like a strawberry paradise then a place to store dairy or jam ;-) In other words thanks for sharing this glorious recipe and if I run into some strawberries any time soon they will sure be used in this loaf! :)

  26. it is really, really hot here in Germany at the moment and your loaf cake seems to be perfect for this kind of weather! huuuum with a nice scoop of sorbet next to it…. perfect!

  27. Erika says:

    Kathryn, I dub you the queen of summer strawberries. Every.single.thing you made with strawberries sounds utterly incredible!! You’re so creative and it’s inspiring me to go buy a flat of strawberries! I sadly have not been consuming my fair share this summer–but this shall change. I LOVE the look of those thick but short, luscious slices and love how you make gluten-free baking so easy!!

  28. Todd says:

    I love that you’re IN love with strawberries. Those margaritas were divine, but this one gives them a run for their money.

  29. Ashley says:

    This is stunning!!! Love everything about it! I’m heading to NYC the end of September. Any change you’ll be there?? [24/25]

  30. What gorgeous flavors and colors in this loaf! I have to admit, I am intrigued to try this because I have never baked just with rice flour, only with it mixed with other flours.

  31. Medeja says:

    Strawberries and pistachios sound so delicious together! The loaf really looks lovely!

  32. Sini says:

    For some reason my comments hasn’t appeared but it said something like ‘this cake looks absolutely divine’ and ‘I love the combination of strawberries and pistachios’ as well as ‘Can’t wait to make this!’


  33. Ann says:

    I baked this on Saturday with regular flour and no strawberries. It was tasty, not too sweet, but a bit salty and dry. I also substituted some of the ground pistachio with ground almonds. I think the mistake was using salted pistachios. Next time I try to make it without salted pistachios or at the very least not add more salt!

    Thanks for the recipe,
    Albany, New York

    • kathryn says:

      Hi Ann, thanks for the feedback. I think using salted pistachios would definitely have an impact on the salt level of the finished product, I’ll update the recipe to make that clear. I think the strawberries also add a lot of moisture too which probably accounts for why your cake turned out a bit dry. Thanks for letting me know how you got on : )

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