Now that my birthday is over and done with (albeit I have yet to unpack the rather fancy food processor that my parents gave me), I’m dragging myself into a festive mood. 
Like so many people, I can’t quite comprehend the fact that we’re nearly in December. I may have started  my Christmas shopping. I may have two Christmas parties coming up in the next few days. I may even have convinced my boyfriend that we should buy our Christmas tree this weekend. But despite all of that, I’m still pretty sure that it’s really only September. 

One of the greatest tragedies of getting older is the fact that Christmas doesn’t seem quite so exciting as it did when I was a child. I spend most of the year in a state of fevered anticipation for the holiday season but, once it arrives, all that excitement gets lost amid the mundane details of everyday life. It’s hard to feel festive when you’ve got a report to write and three loads of laundry to do before bedtime. And, sadly, all the Christmas candles in the world can’t do anything to change that. 

But I am not going to let the realities of being an adult get in the way of my childlike enthusiasm for Christmas. My Ella Fitzgerald Christmas album is on repeat as I write this and I am going to insist on at least one viewing of Home Alone this weekend. Hopefully accompanied by some kind of ridiculous mini party food, most likely wrapped in bacon.
Because no matter how many boring jobs there are on my to do list or how many conference calls or meetings I need to go to, it’s hard not to feel jolly when you’ve got a vol-au-vent in one hand and a glass of something fizzy in the other. 
Or, indeed, when you’re indulging in a giant mug of the most ridiculous hot chocolate ever. 
To continue a tradition that I started last year, I celebrated the start of my Christmas shopping (a task I both love and hate in equal measure) with a (very) large mug of boozy hot chocolate when I returned from Oxford Street. This year, white chocolate and a generous helping of double cream makes this extra indulgent and the vanilla vodka gives it a more than welcome kick. 
I get emails almost every week about this mug which featured in last year’s hot chocolate post too. The mug was from Marks & Spencer last year and, sadly, I haven’t seen it in stores this year (although you can purchase my rather snazzy Christmas jumper from there if desired). A quick trawl on ebay did turn up some similar mugs though should you be so inclined.
White chocolate and vanilla vodka hot chocolate
Inspired by my salted caramel vodka hot chocolate
Yield: 1 giant cup or 2 normal sized cups


  • 400ml (1 2/3 cup) milk
  • 50g (2 oz) good quality white chocolate, broken into small pieces (I used Green & Blacks)
  • A pinch of sea salt
  • 1 – 2 tablespoons double/heavy cream
  • 25ml (just under 2 tablespoons) vanilla vodka

Cooking Directions

  1. Heat the milk over a low heat until it’s just about to boil; stir frequently to prevent scorching.
  2. When the milk is hot, take it off the heat. Add the chocolate and salt and stir until all the chocolate has melted.
  3. Add the cream and vodka and stir to combine, pour into a mug and enjoy!

    23 Responses to "white chocolate & vanilla vodka hot chocolate"
    1. Dang. Two things my husband loves; white chocolate, and vodka. I must make this for him! Also, my annual Love Actually-athon will be starting this weekend and I’ve def dipped into the holiday tunes already (I strongly suggest finding the version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen sung by the Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan. Best ever). Thanks for another great recipe!

    2. london bakes says:

      @Katie – Oh I will be downloading that this weekend. The Sarah McLachlan Christmas album is often played at this time of the year (despite the pleas of my friends who claim it is too depressing) but I don’t think it has that song. Thanks for the tip!

    3. Yes!! We’re getting our tree this weekend too and planning and evening of festivities which may well involve Home Alone in the background as we decorate the house, glasses of fizz in hand. I’m not generally a big fan of warm drinks, but if I made an exception, it would be for something like this which is more of a dessert really anyway ;-)

    4. Jenny @ BAKE says:

      I love your boozy choc tradition and this one looks SO good!! I have some left over raspberry vanilla vodka that is going to be made into this recipe! and that jumper is epic! I need to head to M&S and get a proper holiday jumper my OH has one and I feel like I’m missing out! Adult life sucks! who wants to do chores when you could be making paper chains and untangling fairy lights?

    5. ohhhhh yes! I will be making these this weekend… to keep myself warm of course!

    6. I hope you had a FAB birthday! And yes, get out the food processor pronto. You’ll never be so happy in all your life.

      And would you make me a cup of that hot chocolate? Coo, coo.

    7. I’ve decided that you and I are kindred spirits. That holiday sweater, this amazing recipe…When I move to London (it’s happening) I hope we can hang out ALL THE TIME. (I’ll make it happen, someday)

    8. Erin says:

      You’re right, we did have very similar posts!
      Christmas spirit is definitely harder to come by when you have adult responsibilities to deal with. Oh well…
      I’m sure it will start to feel more like December once it actually IS December though. haha ;)

    9. Shavonn says:

      OMG! I wish my bf drank alcohol :(

      More for me!!! :D

    10. london bakes says:

      @Shavonn – You can leave out the vanilla vodka and just add some vanilla extract for a non-boozy version :)

    11. I loooove hot cocoa + have been drinking it nearly every morning for the past few chilly weeks. Your version looks just amazing!

    12. Happy belated birthday!!!!

      I love the idea of boozy warm drinks to get me in the holiday spirit!

    13. We’re getting our tree this weekend, too!!! I promised Eddie hot cocoa if he lugged one home tomorrow, and he’ll be extra happy if I add some vodka!

      P.S. That sweater… and mug… SO cute!

    14. I love your mug! Where’s it from? x

    15. Joanne says:

      I really can’t think of a better way to celebrate/appreciate the holiday season than with a large JUG of this “ridiculous” hot chocolate!

    16. Never mind the mug Kathryn, I want to know where you got that jumper from, it is fabulous and I love it! I do of course love the mug and the recipe is suitably boozy and enticing, but it’s that jumper that’s making my heart race! Karen

    17. This sounds SO perfect. Much needed on a dreary, snowy day like today. Great post!

    18. I love the sound of this Kathryn, chocolate and vodka, mmm I’m sure this would even make poor old Scrooge happy at Christmas time :D I just wish we had cooler weather to be able to enjoy things like this as it’s usually sweltering around Christmas time here in Australia.

    19. Erin D. says:

      Boozy hot chocolate is the only way to go! Makes things so much more festive and entertaining. :)

      I’ve been making a lot of hot chocolate lately but somehow forgot about my love for the white stuff. Next time… white hot chocolate!

      And congratulations on your fancy food processor! I use mine almost every day. Love it.

    20. Two of my fave things are white chocolate and vanilla, and with vodka, oh yes! I have been drinking hot chocolate tons lately, although none that looks this good!

    21. Ashley says:

      I am a hot cocoa lover. This sounds completely over the top!! Must make.

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