The sun may be shining outside, for now at least, but my toes are cold. There’s a definite breeze coming through the decaying Victorian window frames. It could be any day of the year.

The rest of the time, I work in an air conditioned office. It’s almost always the same temperature (which is cold). The seasons only really affect me for the ten minutes I spend each morning walking to the tube before disappearing underground where it is always hot.

I feel like I could just blink and miss the summer.

The long summers of my childhood, the days of dancing through sprinklers and eating ice creams in the park, are long gone. I have to search out summer now and mark it in my own way. And naturally, my own way involves food.

This really tastes like summer. A few weeks ago, I hosted a small party for some of my dearest friends. The food was simplicity itself, nothing more than roast chicken, some small roasted new potatoes and a salad. What was a revelation, however, was this lemon, parsley and parmesan sauce. The sharpness of the lemon, the saltiness of the parmesan, the freshness of the parsley. It was the perfect complement, so bright and full of flavour.

The next day, I stirred the leftover sauce through some pasta to make a quick lunch. It was just as light and bright and wonderful. In fact, I made another batch so that I could eat it for lunch every day for a week.


Pasta with lemon, parsley and parmesan

Adapted from Martha Stewart Living, January 2012

Yield: Serves 4 with pasta

  • 1 1/2 bunches (1/2 cup) flat leaf parsley, roughly chopped
  • 2 cloves of garlic, roughly chopped
  • Juice and zest of2 lemons
  • 60g (1/2 cup)grated parmesan
  • 110ml (just under 1/2 cup)olive oil
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
  • Pasta,to serve

Cooking Directions

  1. Combine all the ingredients in the bowl of a food processor and process in short bursts until everything is combined. Taste the sauce and add a little more of anything as you see fit.
  2. Stir through pasta immediately or store covered in the fridge for up to 3 days.
32 Responses to "pasta with lemon, parsley and parmesan"
  1. Jenny @ BAKE says:

    This looks incredible! No wonder it became an instant favourite!

  2. this is *SO* my type of meal – bright, light, + summery. i think i might recreate something similar for my lunch today – looks wonderful!

  3. Erin says:

    This looks so good, and so very simple! Definitely a perfect simple dish for summer. :)

  4. Elizabeth says:

    This pasta looks so delicious!

  5. Jeanine says:

    It looks so delicious and summery! Sending warm thoughts your way…

  6. anabel says:

    mmmmm delicious.
    very good

  7. london bakes says:

    @Jenny – Thank you!

    @Katrina – Thank you, so glad you like it :)

    @amy – It’s just perfect isn’t it? So full of flavour and delicious.

    @Erin – Yes, I love simple suppers especially in summer when the idea of standing in the kitchen for hours just seems so unappealing.

    @Elizabeth – Thank you!

    @Jeanine – Thanks very much, we need all the warm thoughts we can get!

    @anabel – Thank you :)

  8. I’m totally not affected by the seasons too! When you work from 8-5, you’re just stuck in an office so you do’t even know what the heck is going on out there.

    But I promised myself I’d enjoy the CA sun this weekend. I have to or else I’ll drive myself crazy.

    Either way, I’m definitely make this summer dish. I love the simplicity of it, yet it looks so flavorful!

  9. Amy says:

    I love love these three flavors together. So perfect. I may just copy you and make a batch to add on roasted vegetables or meats, or in pasta.

  10. Oh, wow–this is the *perfect* summer pasta sauce. I love the flavor combination, and it’d be perfect for lunches or dinners…ooh, I’m craving pasta now. Gah! (Also: I totally sympathize on the seasons issue. My office is freezing 24/7/365, so I only know it’s summer for the half-hour I spend sweating on the subway. Makes layering for the office a pain, too!)

  11. This is a beautifully written post, Kathryn! And the pasta is beautiful too. So perfect for summer!

  12. london bakes says:

    @Chung-Ah – Yes, please go out and enjoy the sun! We’re supposed to get 3 months of rain this weekend :/

    @Amy – This sauce has so many uses, I can see it becoming a summer staple!

    @Tara – Isn’t it just perfect? So glad you like it!

    @Cassie – Oh thank you, that means so much to me!

  13. So so so so so meant for ME.

  14. Pri says:

    I love parsley in my spaghetti! Check out my recipe: I am going to try adding like lemon, like you did. Thanks for the share :)

  15. what a beautiful post..brings me back to summertime as a kid too :) this totally has the summer flavors and i could see myself on a porch eating this and watching the sunset and the fireflies come out :)

  16. Madhu says:

    Making it today! Thanks!

  17. madhu says:

    No, not wearing jeans with white top! ;-)

  18. Simone says:

    This looks like a great work night meal and delicious!

  19. london bakes says:

    @Bev – I wanted to spell your name with pasta so you knew but I thought that would be weird.

    @Pri – That sounds great! Thanks for sharing.

    @Julie – Aw thank you for a lovely comment!

    @Madhu – Let me know how you get on!

    @Simone – It really is, glad you like it :)

  20. Katherine says:

    I hate the way summer doesn’t really happen when you are grown up.

  21. Mmmm what a lovely combination of flavours!! Love :) x

  22. Summer always goes by too quickly for me. I make a similar pasta quite often and it’s so perfect for this time of year.

  23. london bakes says:

    @Katherine – I know, it’s stupid.

    @Elaina – Thanks sweetheart!

    @Jen – It really is isn’t it? I love how fresh all the flavours seem!

  24. Megan Pence says:

    I’m staring at this just imagining what this would taste like – and I am so hungry for it right now! Wow, this looks gorgeous and so delicious.

  25. Looks a lot like some pasta dishes we make here. Nice and light. Delicious!

  26. I really need to try this – the flavors sound wonderful. And I’m always in need of fast pasta dishes like this :)

  27. london bakes says:

    @Megan – Thanks lovely, I’m doing the same too!

    @Melissa – Exactly, it’s a perfect summer meal.

    @Heidi – It really comes together so quickly and I love meals that last for a couple of nights!

  28. Katherine says:

    We made the chicken that you linked to. (Only someone forgot the Parmesan) V tasty and prompted a ‘do you have garlic in your lunch?’ question in the office. To which I replied ‘Of course not, can’t stand the stuff’.

  29. Texanerin says:

    Are the English like the Germans in that they complain about the AC all the time? “The AC gives me colds! / a stiff neck! / allergies! / whatever-else-they-can-think-up-at-the-moment!” I don’t really like to work in 27 degree offices and I have allergies (which I can promise you the AC didn’t give me) so I love it. And they refuse to open the windows on the trains because the draft will “give them a cold or a stiff neck.” Seriously. This has been a huge issue the last week or so and I’m about to flip. Sorry for the rant.

    This sounds so refreshing! I have two basil plants I need to take care of. Do you think this would be really strange with basil? I might give it a go!

  30. london bakes says:

    @Katherine – That’s an excellent response to lunch. I approve.

    @Texanerin – Yup pretty much! We were so happy in our office because we could turn the a/c off and open the windows until they locked the windows so now we have the a/c. I can see though that it’s better not to open the windows for allergies, we don’t really open the windows in our flat because it makes my boyfriend sneeze except we don’t have a/c so it just gets really hot!

    And yes, I’m sure basil will be fine. It will just be like a thinner and more lemony pesto I imagine.

  31. lizzie says:

    yours is one of the most vivid and inspiring food blogs i have ever read. so glad i came across it. cannot wait to make this!

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