My  family has a long running love affair with chili sauce.  On many occasions, we have judged a restaurant solely on the quality of their condiments and a good chili sauce will keep us coming back for more, time and again.  
The love affair started in a Greek restaurant in Richmond, where I grew up.  I was a very picky eater when I was a child.  If we went out for a meal, we would either have to go to a French restaurant where I could have a very rare steak or to an Italian restaurant where I could have lasagne.  Any other type of cuisine was a recipe for disaster.  We once went to a Chinese restaurant where my parents ordered my brother and I lemon chicken thinking that this was the most inoffensive item on the menu only to have to make a swift exit half an hour later with two hysterical children who had refused to eat anything.  Such happy times.  
One Friday night, however, they convinced us (and by ‘us’, I really mean me because I was the malign influence) to try a local Greek restaurant with the promise that, if all else failed, we could just have a plate of plain grilled meat.  As that was pretty much the best meal that I could imagine, I agreed to give it a try.  
Thankfully for all concerned, this was not a repeat of the lemon chicken incident and we spent many a meal diving into piles of perfectly grilled meat and mounds of the most delicious rice imaginable, all topped with a healthy dose of a spicy tomato-chili sauce.  I admit that I was initially sceptical of the sauce (it contained vegetables  And flavour!) but I soon grew to love it as much as the rest of my family.  Now, whenever we head to our favourite Turkish restaurant, we inevitably have to request at least one, if not two, refills of our little dish of chili sauce as we spoon it with abandon over everything in sight.  

All of this is really just a long way of saying that when I saw this recipe for DIY Chile Garlic Sauce on Healthy Green Kitchen, I knew I had to make it.  This weekend has been unseasonably warm in London with record October temperatures and beautiful blue skies.  If we had any outside space then it would have been the perfect weather for a barbecue.  As it was, we cooked a rack of ribs in the oven and enjoyed them with rice and a spoonful of chili sauce for a kick.  Because the sauce is uncooked, the fresh heat would also work really well with Chinese/Thai/Japanese flavours too.

I used a combination of green and red chillies mainly, it has to be said, because the supermarket didn’t have quite enough red chillies but I do like the effect that it gives.  Because a little taste of my chillies proved that they were surprisingly hot, I ended up removing the seeds before blending and adding more sugar than the recipe calls for.  It’s important to taste as you go along but I’d advise having some bread or something on hand just in case.  Oh and if you are going to de-seed all your chillies, be prepared for your hands to be stinging for a good couple of days unless you take necessary precautions.  Take my word for it, I do these things so that you don’t have to.  
As an aside, I froze the leftovers and pulled it out the freezer for tonight.  I will let you know what, if any, effect freezing had on the sauce in due course.  
Chili sauce
7 green chillies, de-seeded and roughly chopped
7 red chillies, de-seeded and roughly chopped
1 tsp sea salt
4 gloves of garlic, unpeeled
2 1/2 tbsp dark brown sugar
60ml brown rice vinegar
1.  Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend away until you have the desired texture.  Taste and add more sugar/vinegar/salt as required.  Store in the fridge.  
23 Responses to "chili sauce"
  1. Jenny says:

    this sounds absolutely delicious! my boyfriend and I are also massive chilli lovers, I am going to have to give this a go asap! the colours and short depth of field in these photographs are absolutely fantastic as well!

  2. london bakes says:

    @Jenny – thank you! I have to say, the depth of field was more out of necessity than anything else but I’m glad it worked out well!

  3. Oh that looks soooo good. Full of flavor, spicy, rich, ka-POW bam flavor. I love that :)

  4. tori says:

    Now that’s a fantastic looking chilli sauce. Can’t wait to try it. Thank you!

  5. Yum! There are tons and tons of these chili peppers at the farmer’s market and I never know what to do with them! This looks perfect.

  6. Winnie says:

    So gorgeous! I am putting mine on everything…let me know how the freezing works out :)

  7. london bakes says:

    @Averie – Yes, I love food that packs a real punch of flavour. My biggest complaint is normally that something is bland!

    @tori – Thanks so much, I hope you like it!

    @Lindsay – It’s such a good way to use up extras and, fingers crossed, it freezes okay too!

    @Winnie – Thank you, I’ll let you know. I did sneak a bit into a sandwich over the weekend too, it was so good!

  8. Yum! You post such incredible recipes for desserts and sweet stuff, but this looks like an absolute winner to. My boyfriend and I eat bucket loads of chilli – sauce, fresh, dried – so this is definitely getting bookmarked :-)

  9. I think I could eat this on just about anything! I love the fresh ingredients!

  10. Leanne says:

    You are singing my song!! I’m a native New Mexican, and we take our chile and salsas VERY seriously. I think evaluating restaurants on their sauces is totally appropriate and only fair. You’ve got me jonesing for something spicy now … this sauce looks amazing!!!

  11. Haha! I nearly laughed out loud while reading this post. A child who will only eat rare steak or lasagna?! I wish I were you as a child, haha.

    I’ve never really been that “into” chili sauce (like your family is!) but the idea of scooping this on meats and breads sounds so good, I might have to try it out.

  12. Marion says:

    I love chilli sauces! I’ve never tried a mixture of green and red chillis, though. Love your blog btw :)

  13. Oh, this is simply gorgeous, and guess what! I just picked up about 20 bright red chilies from the farmers market on Saturday. I think a batch of chili garlic sauce is in order. Thank you for the beautiful post and photos, and thank you for popping by my blog. I’m so glad I now know about yours.

  14. That’s so funny! I saw that recipe too and have it on my “to make” list this week!! Love it :) So glad you tried it out…I’ll let you know how mine turns out as well :) Looks delicious..great photos! x

  15. Ali says:

    That looks good. I’ve always been a great fan of spicy sauce really gives a kick to the taste.

  16. I’ve had the sting of chiles last on my hands overnight one time and it was AWFUL! Need gloves to cut them now!

  17. Liz says:

    That looks gooooooood!

  18. Dizzy Lizzie says:

    Yaay! Chilli Sauce! I LOVE Chilli Sauce!

  19. I LOVE chili sauce and never even considered making it at home until I saw your post! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Hallie Fae says:

    Looks so good. We grew jalapenos this year in our garden but didn’t get many. Wish I had a ton laying around to make this recipe!

  21. london bakes says:

    Thanks everyone, I’m glad you liked it!

  22. So I always thought I hated spicy things…recently I started trying putting a jalapeno in a dish…I now attempt to make everything in my life spicy! This looks like something I’d love without knowing I love it! Definitely going to try it asap!

  23. london bakes says:

    @Madi – Welcome to the dark side ;)

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