I seriously cannot think of anything amusing or intelligent to say today.  I am pretty much too tired to do anything other than stare at my laptop screen and hope that it will soon be lunch time. It is, as ever, all my own fault.  4 bottles of wine and an evening spent with friends is not conducive to a productive Thursday.  Especially not when you get home and then demand that your boyfriend stay up late with you and watch the first two episodes of series two of Luther.  When I first started work, we quite often went out during the week and would stumble home at 3am after a night of overpriced shooters and be perfectly fine the next day.  Now I can barely function if I don’t get at least seven hours sleep.  

As a result of my slight hangover and complete exhaustion, all I can think about when I try to write about this recipe is the bit from Austin Powers where Dr Evil demands ‘a hundred billion dollars’.  Which is hilarious but hardly earth-shattering.

It does, however, lead me neatly on to my billionaire’s shortbread which is, basically, a poshed up version of a cookie/cake/slice called millionaire’s shortbread.  Traditionally, millionaire’s shortbread has a layer of buttery, shortbread, a layer of caramel and a layer of dark chocolate.  For my superior version, I kept with a fairly standard biscuit base but topped it with the joy that is salted caramel and white chocolate.  And a sprinkle of sea salt just for good measure.  It probably would have been a more luxurious dessert if I hadn’t had to use a giant milky bar to make the topping and had been able to find some good quality white chocolate but beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to my local supermarket.

It’s the perfect combination of salty and sweet and the sensation of biting through a layer of chocolate, a layer of caramel and a layer of crumbly biscuit is perfect.  Each slice probably has about a million calories but it’s so worth it.

Billionaire’s shortbread
Adapted from the BBC and The Telegraph

For the the shortbread
250g plain four
75g caster sugar
175g unsalted butter, cold

For the topping
400g condensed milk
115g unsalted butter
115g caster sugar
1 tbsp golden syrup
1 tsp sea salt and more for sprinkling
200g white chocolate

1.  Preheat the oven to 180C/350F.  Grease a baking tin approx 20cm square.
2.  Combine the flour, sugar and butter in a food processor or with your hands until it resembles breadcrumbs.  Press it into the base of the tin and bake for 20-25 minutes until golden.  Set aside to cool.
3.  To make the caramel, melt the milk, butter, sugar and golden syrup in a saucepan.  Simmer for 10 minutes, stirring continuously, until thick and golden brown.  It’s important to keep stirring as it can catch very easily.  When thick, stir in the salt and pour it over the shortbread and chill until set (about an hour or so).
4.  When the caramel is set, melt the white chocolate and pour it over the caramel.  Sprinkle with sea salt and
chill again until the chocolate is firm.

16 Responses to "billionaire’s shortbread"
  1. T says:

    what a lovely twist! I can imagine how the salted caramel can lead my tastebuds to heights of glory. It also requires less stirring than condensed milk caramel- definitely doing this next time!

  2. london bakes says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat normal millionaire’s shortbread again now I’ve tried this version. Well, that’s probably not quite true but it definitely would be as good as this one!

    Thanks for your comment, I’m glad that you liked it!

  3. Amee says:

    That looks just lovely – I have to try it soon, but hubby is on a diet and I would have to eat them all myself, so, so sad for me :)

  4. london bakes says:

    That does sound like it would be a complete tragedy ;)

  5. Love this spin on the classic :) Dangerously addictive im sure!

  6. london bakes says:

    Sorry, what was that? I was too busy shoving shortbread in my mouth ;)

  7. What an awesome variation! My hubby isn’t a big fan of chocolate but he loooooves white chocolate. I think he’ll go crazy for these, thanks for sharing :D

  8. Amy says:

    Oh wow! These are on the list for the weekend. I think my family might love me even more if these appeared in the kitchen…

  9. Jennifer says:

    How do you cut them so nice, without them getting all crumbly at the corners and edges?

  10. Carrie says:

    I’m making this right now… I saw your photo on Food Gawker.com and knew it was the perfect treat for my bf, who doesn’t dig chocolate (unless it’s white chocolate). I can hardly wait til this treat has set and cooled enough for me to cut into it!!

  11. Millionaire’s (or billionaire’s!) shortbread with salted caramel is absolute heaven and a totally superior version. I just posted a standard salty version on my blog (recipe here http://bit.ly/ol6COf) but this version white chocolate looks epic. I can’t eat fewer than about 3 pieces in one sitting though – highly calorific and totally addictive!

  12. london bakes says:

    Heidi – Thanks for stopping by, I love your blog and I’m thrilled that you came by this way!

    Amy – I hope your family enjoy them, let me know how they turn out :)

    Jennifer – I think it was more by luck than skill. I made sure they were pretty cold before I cut them up and used a sharp knife. Making sure that the pan was well greased helped too because they just slid out.

    Carrie – I’m so glad that your making it! I hope your boyfriend liked it :)

    thelittleloaf – I’ve just had a look at your version, great minds think alike! It looks delicious and I know what you mean about how addictive it is (says the person who had a piece for breakfast!)

  13. Judy says:

    I honestly can’t wait to make these….so deliciously evil!

    But I must ask…LUTHER, season two???? Any idea when it will be on across the pond. Love this show!!!

  14. london bakes says:

    Haha, I’m glad to have found another fan! It’s only just been on TV here although it’s already out on DVD so I can’t imagine it will be that much longer. It’s so good!

  15. Lucy says:

    These bars look incredibly moreish – I love your twist on the classic. Can never go wrong with salted caramel!

  16. Taryne says:

    Stunning – what a good idea ! can’t wait to try this recipe.

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